Press Release
6 April 20152

Intelligence Operation in Acheh

Observing the current situation in Acheh, particularly in relation to the killing of two Indonesian military intelligence on March 23, 2015 in Nisam, North Acheh, Acheh-Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF) clarifies that the incident was the consequence of moral behavior of the security apparatus itself which does not respect the values ​​that are adhered to in Achehnese society. In addition, the covert intelligence operations that are currently being carried out by the Indonesian military in Acheh have subverted the security situation of ordinary Achehnese life and aroused suspicion in the community.

The Indonesia's military doctrine “dual function” is not only as a preservation and enforcement of security and sovereignty of the state, but also as an overseer and arbiter of government policy. And its current activities in towns and villages have exceeded its dual functions, penetrating up to the economic and social sectors.

In the era of modern civilization, a systematic approach to militarism is no longer feasible. Very often, this kind of attempts will only raise people's fear. In many cases, the Indonesian military frequently resorts to using methods that lead to a threat.

Indonesia should have learned from history, that a massive military mobilization such as this will not solve the problems in society. On the contrary, it will further escalate the conflict. In regard to this incident, the Indonesian Minister of Defense General Ryamizard Ryacudu has blatantly threatened to enforce a military operation in Acheh if such conditions continue to heat up and take casualties again.

Furthermore, various social inequalities, economic disparities and false promises given by the current ruling party in Acheh, have increased the demands of the people to break away from Indonesian colonialism.

ASNLF has repeatedly warned the stakeholders of the situation in the post Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Helsinki, which has not touched the values ​​of justice toward the people of Acheh, especially those values ​​that guarantee political, economic, social rights and the right to self-determination of the people of Acheh.

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